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Creative Academic Writing Workshop

Our third workshop held at the beginning of October, was facilitated by Dr Helen Kara. This workshop provided participants with an opportunity to learn about different forms of creative academic writing. We were given an overview of creative academic writing, storytelling, poetic inquiry, play/screenplay writing, and comics. We also had an opportunity to practice withContinue reading “Creative Academic Writing Workshop”

Workshops with Professor Pat Thomson and Dr Gareth Johnson

Our first two workshops have provided an opportunity to learn more about writing blogs and conversation pieces, and writing for academic journals. The first workshop held at the beginning of September, was facilitated by Professor Pat Thomson. The first part of the workshop provided an overview of blogging and the different forms blogs can take.Continue reading “Workshops with Professor Pat Thomson and Dr Gareth Johnson”


Welcome to The Anthropocene and More-Than-Human World Writing Workshop Series project funded by the British Academy. Please see our Call for Papers for further details about this project.  We will be posting content on the blog, so please visit the website again.

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