Oh..! We have Created Monsters

By Dr Aiman Khattak We like to create things, We like to always make new experiments, That is our hobby, that is our job, Creating monsters though particularly excites us. We create all sorts of monsters, Lean or straight; short or tall, Stout or slender; robust or fragile, We have created a wide variety ofContinue reading ”  Oh..! We have Created Monsters”

The Cuckoo’s Song   

By Dr Aiman Khattak I hear the cuckoo sing, Perched on a branch outside my window, Amidst the noise of rushing highway traffic, Its voice is loud and clear. The cuckoo’s song touches my heart, It is singing to the universe, It is singing to me, It says, ‘I bring hope, I bring peace’. SpringContinue reading “The Cuckoo’s Song   “

Creative Academic Writing Workshop

Our third workshop held at the beginning of October, was facilitated by Dr Helen Kara. This workshop provided participants with an opportunity to learn about different forms of creative academic writing. We were given an overview of creative academic writing, storytelling, poetic inquiry, play/screenplay writing, and comics. We also had an opportunity to practice withContinue reading “Creative Academic Writing Workshop”