IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Following the recent releases of the Working Group II and III contributions to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Dr Catherine Price, Amy Gibbons and Dr Justin Westgate offer some reflections. Dr Catherine Price The IPCC Report: Time to Stop Talking and to Start Acting The contents of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report show just howContinue reading “IPCC Sixth Assessment Report”

  Oh..! We have Created Monsters

By Dr Aiman Khattak We like to create things, We like to always make new experiments, That is our hobby, that is our job, Creating monsters though particularly excites us. We create all sorts of monsters, Lean or straight; short or tall, Stout or slender; robust or fragile, We have created a wide variety ofContinue reading ”  Oh..! We have Created Monsters”

Seeking closure in the Anthropocene

By Dr Justin Westgate What is closure, and how might it relate to the Anthropocene? This idea surfaced as a background theme within my doctoral research though remained unexplored. I return to it here. I start with four brief vignettes detailing moments where ideas of closure emerged and then move to consider implications. The worstContinue reading “Seeking closure in the Anthropocene”