The Cuckoo’s Song   

By Aiman Khattak I hear the cuckoo sing, Perched on a branch outside my window, Amidst the noise of rushing highway traffic, Its voice is loud and clear. The cuckoo’s song touches my heart, It is singing to the universe, It is singing to me, It says, ‘I bring hope, I bring peace’. Spring hasContinue reading “The Cuckoo’s Song   “

Nature strikes back?! Birds as Agents/Victims in Malinda Lo’s Adaptation duology (2012-2013)

By Alena Cicholewski Malinda Lo’s young adult novel Adaptation starts with a bang: “The birds plummeted to the tarmac, wings loose and limp. They struck the ground with such force that their bodies smashed into dark slicks on the concrete” (7). This eerie scene foreshadows the catastrophic event that sets the plot of Adaptation intoContinue reading “Nature strikes back?! Birds as Agents/Victims in Malinda Lo’s Adaptation duology (2012-2013)”

The History and Future Promises of Biochar, Terras Pretas, and African Dark Earths Soils

By Catherine Price Biochar is a material that has increasingly attracted scientific attention over recent years. This attention has occurred because biochar acts as a carbon sink, it can act as a soil conditioner, it increases fertility, and can increase the water holding capacity of soil. Biochar is a carbon-rich substance produced by a thermochemicalContinue reading “The History and Future Promises of Biochar, Terras Pretas, and African Dark Earths Soils”

More-Than-Human Care at a Regenerative Market Garden

By Michiel van de Pavert Dear reader, In relation to the Earth’s sixth extinction I want to tell a story that inspires. I’m blessed to be doing fieldwork at a beautiful more-than-human world called TERRA, a market garden in Luxembourg producing fruit and vegetables for 230 families. This 1.5 hectare space is not only aContinue reading “More-Than-Human Care at a Regenerative Market Garden”


To coincide with COP26, some of the participants from The Anthropocene and More-Than-Human World Writing Workshop Series decided to share their thoughts about the conference. What is striking across these four contributions is the mixture of despair and hope. Read on to find out more. Tyler King Advertisements in New York’s Times Square leading up to COP26Continue reading “COP26”

Creative Academic Writing Workshop

Our third workshop held at the beginning of October, was facilitated by Dr Helen Kara. This workshop provided participants with an opportunity to learn about different forms of creative academic writing. We were given an overview of creative academic writing, storytelling, poetic inquiry, play/screenplay writing, and comics. We also had an opportunity to practice withContinue reading “Creative Academic Writing Workshop”

Workshops with Professor Pat Thomson and Dr Gareth Johnson

Our first two workshops have provided an opportunity to learn more about writing blogs and conversation pieces, and writing for academic journals. The first workshop held at the beginning of September, was facilitated by Professor Pat Thomson. The first part of the workshop provided an overview of blogging and the different forms blogs can take.Continue reading “Workshops with Professor Pat Thomson and Dr Gareth Johnson”