Climate Change in the UK: The Heatwaves and Drought of 2022

By Catherine Price As I write this, much of the UK is experiencing its second heatwave of the summer of 2022. Temperatures are expected to reach 36°C. On the 19 July 2022, a record temperature for the UK of 40.3°C was recorded at Coningsby. Combined with this heat, the UK has also been experiencing aContinue reading Climate Change in the UK: The Heatwaves and Drought of 2022

Education, gardening and the prospect of multispecies flourishing

By Tyler King One sunny Saturday morning, I’m driving through the quiet suburban streets of Melbourne on route to meet Joseph* to talk about their wildlife garden. The neighbourhood is typical of suburban Australia – neat, manicured lawns coupled with low-maintenance trees and shrubs such as yuccas or box hedges. Turning the corner into Joseph’sContinue reading “Education, gardening and the prospect of multispecies flourishing”

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Following the recent releases of the Working Group II and III contributions to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Dr Catherine Price, Amy Gibbons and Dr Justin Westgate offer some reflections. Dr Catherine Price The IPCC Report: Time to Stop Talking and to Start Acting The contents of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report show just howContinue reading “IPCC Sixth Assessment Report”

  Oh..! We have Created Monsters

By Dr Aiman Khattak We like to create things, We like to always make new experiments, That is our hobby, that is our job, Creating monsters though particularly excites us. We create all sorts of monsters, Lean or straight; short or tall, Stout or slender; robust or fragile, We have created a wide variety ofContinue reading ”  Oh..! We have Created Monsters”

A mammoth Future

By Jamie Wang Among various de-extinction efforts, a recent excitement comes from the prospect of bringing back the woolly mammoth following the US startup company Colossal’s successful seed funding of $15 million. The plan is then to genetically edit the currently endangered Asian elephants through inserting the DNA sequences of mammoths, creating a cold-resistant elephant-mammoth.Continue reading “A mammoth Future”

Online Seminar

The Promise of Multispecies Justice Dr Sophie Chao (University of Sydney) Tuesday 8 March 2022, 8:30am – 10:30am GMT.  For more info and for joining instructions, please email: Early work in the interdisciplinary field of multispecies studies described how symbiotic associations and the mingling of creative agents generated emergent ecological communities. Justice and injustice wereContinue reading “Online Seminar”

What is more-than-human care? And what can it do?

By Adriana Ressiore Campodonio More-than-human: does this expression sound familiar? Did you ever wonder what it meant? Or was it already obvious to you? I would imagine that people who reached this blog would have heard “more-than-human” before… It is frequently used in fields of study such as STS, political ecology, ecofeminism, anthropology, feminist politicalContinue reading “What is more-than-human care? And what can it do?”

Seeking closure in the Anthropocene

By Dr Justin Westgate What is closure, and how might it relate to the Anthropocene? This idea surfaced as a background theme within my doctoral research though remained unexplored. I return to it here. I start with four brief vignettes detailing moments where ideas of closure emerged and then move to consider implications. The worstContinue reading “Seeking closure in the Anthropocene”

Neoliberal Extractivism of the Global South

By Dr Aiman Khattak The Global South has mostly been a site of extraction for the Global North, extraction of wealth, extraction of natural resources, extraction of knowledges, extraction of labour and extraction of cultivated commodities. On the pretext of the ‘civilizing mission’, the North went into the South to carry out such extractions byContinue reading “Neoliberal Extractivism of the Global South”

The Cuckoo’s Song   

By Dr Aiman Khattak I hear the cuckoo sing, Perched on a branch outside my window, Amidst the noise of rushing highway traffic, Its voice is loud and clear. The cuckoo’s song touches my heart, It is singing to the universe, It is singing to me, It says, ‘I bring hope, I bring peace’. SpringContinue reading “The Cuckoo’s Song   “