Education, gardening and the prospect of multispecies flourishing

By Tyler King One sunny Saturday morning, I’m driving through the quiet suburban streets of Melbourne on route to meet Joseph* to talk about their wildlife garden. The neighbourhood is typical of suburban Australia – neat, manicured lawns coupled with low-maintenance trees and shrubs such as yuccas or box hedges. Turning the corner into Joseph’sContinue reading “Education, gardening and the prospect of multispecies flourishing”

  Oh..! We have Created Monsters

By Dr Aiman Khattak We like to create things, We like to always make new experiments, That is our hobby, that is our job, Creating monsters though particularly excites us. We create all sorts of monsters, Lean or straight; short or tall, Stout or slender; robust or fragile, We have created a wide variety ofContinue reading ”  Oh..! We have Created Monsters”

What is more-than-human care? And what can it do?

By Adriana Ressiore Campodonio More-than-human: does this expression sound familiar? Did you ever wonder what it meant? Or was it already obvious to you? I would imagine that people who reached this blog would have heard “more-than-human” before… It is frequently used in fields of study such as STS, political ecology, ecofeminism, anthropology, feminist politicalContinue reading “What is more-than-human care? And what can it do?”