Education, gardening and the prospect of multispecies flourishing

By Tyler King One sunny Saturday morning, I’m driving through the quiet suburban streets of Melbourne on route to meet Joseph* to talk about their wildlife garden. The neighbourhood is typical of suburban Australia – neat, manicured lawns coupled with low-maintenance trees and shrubs such as yuccas or box hedges. Turning the corner into Joseph’sContinue reading “Education, gardening and the prospect of multispecies flourishing”

More-Than-Human Care at a Regenerative Market Garden

By Michiel van de Pavert Dear reader, In relation to the Earth’s sixth extinction I want to tell a story that inspires. I’m blessed to be doing fieldwork at a beautiful more-than-human world called TERRA, a market garden in Luxembourg producing fruit and vegetables for 230 families. This 1.5 hectare space is not only aContinue reading “More-Than-Human Care at a Regenerative Market Garden”